Arcade Game Machine in the 80s and 90s

By the late 80s, the craze on arcade video games began to fade due to the bad reputation of arcades as being unsafe and seedy places, as well as the advancement in the home video game console technology. There was resurgence in arcade video games with the introduction of 2-player fighting games including Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, Fatal Fury, Killer Instinct, and The King of Fighters. Once again, arcade game machines had been visible in many public places.

However in 1996, computers and home video game consoles with 3D accelerator cards became almost equal as the arcade game machine. Arcade games had always been developed through commodity technology; however, their advantage over the previous generations of home video game systems was their ability to allow the customization and usage of the latest sound and graphics chips, like the PC games available today.

The declines in the sales volume of arcade games mean that the approach was not cost-effective anymore. Moreover, by the late 90s and early 2000s, network gaming through computers and consoles across the Web also became popular, replacing the social atmosphere and head to head competition once exclusively provided by an arcade game machine.

To remain viable and visible in the gaming industry, arcades incorporated other elements to go together with video games such as merchandisers, redemption games, and food service. Now touted as family fun centers or amusement centers, some of the venerable chains such as Gatti’s Pizza and Chuck E. Cheese’s also changed and converted their business to this format.

Today, arcades have specialized in a niche in video games that use special controllers practically inaccessible to any home users. Because of this, arcades are now known to as socially-oriented hangout, offering games that focus more on individual performance instead of the game being played. Examples of popular genres played in an arcade game machine today are Dance Dance Revolution, DrumMania, Virtua Cop, Team Crisis, and House of the Dead.

The golden days of classic arcade games almost came to a close with the introduction home and PC gaming systems. New computer games do not only provide better sound and visual effects, but also offered gamers a personalized touch and feeling to the games they are playing, along with the complete privacy of playing the games anytime and anywhere without the need to go to the arcade and spend some coins. The popularity of these kinds of games saw a sudden decline in gamers playing arcade games in places where arcade game machines were installed.

However, with the introduction of the advanced PC technology, classic arcade games were given a rebirth and transformation. These are now in the form of computer games, but with maintained feel, sound, and look of the classic arcade games. The popularity of these games has greatly increased especially with the introduction of arcade game download.

Everyone loves games, be it video games, board games, or online games. Moreover, depending on which type of game you prefer, you will surely find one that is perfect for you! A lot of people enjoy playing games because they are fun, easy, and these games help a person relax especially when one is really stressed out. The good news is that arcade games may be played whenever you want through arcade game download. You can find a lot of sites offering arcade game download. These sites come with thousands of arcade game ready to be played after downloading them. As mentioned earlier, there are different types of arcade games as well as different genres you can easily download on your desktop.

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