Bloons Tower Defence is one of the most played Flash games of all time, it is available to play online and you can even download the game to various other platforms such as the iPhone and many more. The first game: Bloons Tower Defense has had many sequels and spin-offs resulting in a brilliant set of games and mini-games available to play.

This essay will be about the most recent Bloons Tower Defence game: Bloons Tower Defence 4. All of the games are slightly different but the main concept remains the same much like many of the other hundreds of tower defence games. The player must place towers beside a path and try to prevent any balloons from getting from one end of the path to the other. There are numerous different towers and there are lots of different types of balloons.
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This is one of the best Tower Defence games out there, it has many awesome features to offer and is just great because of the range of challenging levels available to play. You can choose your difficulty setting when you start the game, easy difficulty is still challenging though! If you decide to play on expert difficulty prepare to encounter more expensive towers and more balloons!

Each time one of your towers pops a balloon you get one coin, coins can be used to buy towers, upgrade towers and to buy short-term methods of popping balloons such as pins. There are also many types of towers too, not all towers will pop the balloons but they will have some positive effect. For instance, the monkey dart tower will throw darts at the balloons that are within its range but the ice tower will slow the balloons down in order for the monkey to pop even more in the same amount of time. It is for this reason why the game is so addictive! Finding a good combination of towers can be fun and interesting.

The game does get much harder as it progresses, so choosing the right towers and the right upgrades is essential as you will only get a fraction of the money back when you sell a tower. As you get further into the level new balloons are introduced. Red balloons are the most basic and one dart will pop it. However, rainbow balloons contain many balloons inside of them, and they too contain even more balloons. So be careful!

I would highly recommend this game to anybody and it is by far one of the most popular games on our website.

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Graphics: The graphics of Civilization 3, as I mentioned, are very mediocre. The units are pleasant enough to look at, but the world map is bland and undetailed. The advisor screens are for the most part well-constructed, and it is certainly nice to have the entire tech-tree in-game. The Civilopedia is also a nice resource, well-presented with tons of useful information. When you construct a Wonder of the World, a pleasant, detailed picture appears on the screen providing a satisfying feeling of accomplishment (though the mini-movies from Civ II are sorely missed by most players). And if you achieve the space-shuttle victory, you will be rewarded with an amazing video sequence. But overall, the 2-D graphics, the pathetic color palette, the childish-looking resources, and the silly leader-caricatures for each civ give the game low ratings in this area. You can tweak things, but in the end, Civilization 3 will not satisfy you in the looks department. However, it is sufficient for strategic planning. A side-note: I have heard that on lower-end computers, games on large maps with several civilizations can lead to significant slow-down between turns. I never experienced this, so I can’t comment down-time was on the order of seconds for me.

Sound: I found the soundtrack, which changes as you progress from age to age, to be annoying. It was quickly turned off, and I usually played my own CDs in the background. The sound effects are limited to when units move over the map, and clash on the battlefield they are fine, though certainly not mind-blowing. There is not a lot to say about sound in Civilization 3 and that is unfortunate.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and what is more important I hope you learned something from it. If you did, please share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. I love reading you you have to say, because reading your comments helps me to improve my blog! Thank you! Stay tuned for the second part of the post!